Monday, September 29, 2014

Social Media Weirdness & New Stuff from Sephora

It has been A MINUTE since I wrote in my blog. Partly because September has just been a crazy month-I've had some sort of event every weekend, and I'm back in school, and still working. But another reason is that I'm kind of going through this thing where I'm feeling all weird about social media. I deactivated my Facebook and everything! I just started feeling creeped out by the whole thing, and honestly kind of sick of myself. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Like you have this moment of self awareness...why am I taking a picture of my salad?  Is this status funny enough to post? Are we over selfies or are they still ok? And why am I putting myself out there so people can form some sort of opinion of me and then not speak to me when I see them in real life?

And I get self concious about writing this blog and especially posting about makeup. I worry, is this annoying? Do people think I'm superficial? Does it seem like I'm just trying to copy the people I watch on YouTube? DOES ANYBODY REALLY LIKE ME?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, maybe I'm getting a little carried away in the wave of paranoia, but you get it. Social media in general is kinda weird. Like there's this whole part of you outside of your actual physical self that people can look at at any time and decide what they think of you. I needed a little break. (Not from Instagram though. Heck no. Gotta get those likes!)

But I've been reminded lately why I DO like social media, and I DO like writing in my blog, and I REALLY like talking about makeup. There's been a few times recently where girls I know have started conversations with me about makeup, because they've read my blog and they know I like to talk about it. And I love that. Women wear makeup! Smart women wear makeup! And there's so much makeup out there, I think it's awesome to talk about what's good, and what's not. I'm not trying to get internet famous, I just want to talk about things that people like to talk about. And the best thing ever is when people I know read my shit and talk to me about it in real life.

So maybe I'm making this grand statement about how I don't care what people think of me, and I'm going to put myself out there and hash tag it #onlygodcanjudgeme and #hatersgonhate. Or maybe I just went shopping and I've got some spare time on my hands right now to blog about it. I guess we'll never know.

Either guys wanna see what I got at Sephora?


Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Retsina

Since I've made the switch to cruelty free makeup, I need to find lipsticks that will fill the void left by Mac. Bite Beauty is a Canadian based, cruelty free company that is quickly gaining a reputation for making great lip products. I have a couple of these lipsticks now and I do really like them. At $28 bucks each,  I won't be buying them as readily as I once purchased Mac lippies(which are $10 cheaper), but they are definitely a high quality product and I would like to get a few more. They are nicely pigmented and they have maybe the smoothest formula of any lipstick I've tried-they almost feel like a chapstick when you put them on.

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Melted Fig

This is one of those hype products on YouTube that every beauty guru has talked about in the last few months. I would say that I like it, but I don't know if I would buy any other shades. It's a long wearing product, and like many long wear products I found this one really drying on my lips. The colour is beautiful, but I would almost rather reapply every hour than feel like I blasted my lips with a blow dryer. Also it's kind of weird to apply-definitely needs a lip liner and a steady hand.

Too Faced Everything Nice Set

Like any true makeup appreciator(read: addict) I LOVE me a good palette. All the companies are coming out with seasonal, limited edition palettes and sets. For me it was between this one and Urban Decay's  Vice 3. But I bought the Vice 2 palette last year, and I barely use it. This set appealed to me because lately I've been feeling like Too Faced shadows MIGHT actually be better than Urban Decay. Plus this came with more stuff than the Vice 3, which only includes 20 eyeshadows. "Everything Nice" has the same number of shadows, PLUS bronzer, hightlight, 2 blushes and a mini Better Than Sex mascara(plus the more or less useless brushes, and the bag that looks like it should fit the palette but doesn't-the online beauty community is VERY upset about that). I haven't used it much yet, probably because I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT NEED THIS AND I HAVE TOO MUCH MAKEUP(help me). But I like looking at it, so that's something, right? This would make an awesome gift.

Closer shot of just the eyeshadow.

Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows Intensity Eyeshadow in Callisto and Desdemona

I saved the best for last. These eyeshadows are beautiful. I mean, really something unique and special. The shadows can be used dry for a sheer look, or wet for a more intense look, and when you do use them with a wet brush, they look amazing. They are also ridiculously expensive-$33 each. Wait wait wait!!! Hear me out on this.  The first time I wore Desdemona-the purple shade on the right-I got 3 compliments on it from the people I work with pretty much the second I walked in the door. And my coworkers see me in full makeup every day(I have a job where some of my income comes from tips. Gotta wear a lot of makeup to compensate for my small boobs and salty disposition). They think I was born in full clown face-it takes something really different for them to notice my makeup, and this shadow did it. I'm not saying everyone needs to run out and get these, obviously. But if you want something that is really special-whether it's because you're a makeup junkie or you have an event and you want to take your makeup up a notch, these eyeshadows are the shit.

(Note: Nars is one of those companies whose cruelty free status is up for debate. However I have found a couple cruelty free bloggers whose opinions I trust, who use Nars. For now, I choose to accept their opinions on what is cruelty free and what is not).

That's actually not everything I've picked up from Sephora lately, but the rest is just boring repeat purchase  stuff. And while it may be true that only God can judge me, when I step up to the pearly gates, the last thing I'd want him to call me is boring.

Once again, I appreciate that anyone reads my blog, and I especially love it when people I know talk to me about it in real life. Not because I'm looking for praise(although hey, if you've got some, I'll take it). But because I only write about things that I actually like talking about, and I want to talk about it more.

Thank you for reading!
xo Ruth.