Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fitness Stuff: Weekly Recap & Next Week's Goals

 If you read my last entry, you know I'm working towards getting myself back into peak shape. This is my first weekly check in. I've been keeping a bit of a running log throughout the week-not every day, just things I thought might be of interest.

Here's how things went down this week:

I realized right away the my gym goal wasn't going to be challenging. Three weights sessions a week is probably about my average-if not actually below average. Anytime I'm trying to push myself, I get a good weights work out 4 or 5 times a week. So I'll definitely set the bar higher next week. The cardio is a bit more of a push. I do cardio almost every time I go to the gym, but it's usually 20 minutes running on the treadmill, sometimes steady state and sometimes sprints. I can do endurance cardio, but I get bored. I just prefer weights. Something got into me today though, and I did 45 minutes of cardio, split 15 minutes running, 20 minutes on a bike and 10 minutes on the elliptical, breaking only to move between machines. I forgot that a good, long cardio session can feel really good sometimes-I always feel super energized after. And since I did 30 minutes yesterday, I've knocked 2 off my goal of 3 30 minute cardio sessions-I think I'll be beating that goal. So yeah, I guess I did set the bar low. But that's good in a way. This is the first week of me tracking all this stuff. Reaching a goal will help motivate me to keep it up.

I also realized that I am terrible at writing down everything I eat. I did record all of yesterday, but today I just sort of kept a mental tally. Oops. I don't want to give up on that yet, so I'm going to try and write down today's and get back on it tomorrow. I do know that I have eaten out the past two nights, and I need to be careful with that. Even though I have stuck to protein/veggies and protein/salad, the meals still had way more oil and salt than I would have used at home. And I may have had a few bites of my boyfriend's less healthy choices. And I also may have had a glass of red wine(really, just one!) with each of those meal. All these little things add up. But then at the same time, both nights I went out and really enjoyed myself, and that's important too. Just something to be aware of if I'm looking to see results.

Got a really good workout in today so I thought I'd share it. I love long gym sessions when I have the luxury of time. Anytime I spend more than an hour working out, I find it very therapeutic-I leave everything on the gym floor.

Here's what I did today:
20 minutes on the elliptical
10 body weight squats to warm up
3 x 10 regular squats(barbell across shoulders/back)
50 jumping jacks
4 x 10 front squats (barbell balanced in front of shoulders)
100 jumping jacks
3x 20 (alternating legs) curtsy lunges
3 x 10 sumo squats (for a total of over 100 squats today!)
15 minutes on treadmill (meaning I've already exceeded my cardio goal for the week)
3x 10 (each leg) donkey kicks (love to finish a legs/glute workout with a small targeted move like this.

Today I did this upper body workout that I found on Pinterest (it's not just for crafty moms!)

If I do this workout again, I'd put the pushups at the beginning, and then follow those up with bench presses. And I would tell the burpees to go fuck themselves, no one likes them.
 I have a tendency to really focus on my shoulders when it comes to upper body, so this was a good switch up.

Reflections on last week's goals: By the end of the week I'd totally smashed my work out goal. I got to the gym 5 times, and exceeded my goals for both weights and cardio. So next week I'm going to aim for about the same. I did set my expectations low on that goal. But that's cool, because like I said it's very motivating to beat a goal. Onward and upward.
I also succeeded in eating breakfast every day. I failed, however, to write down everything I ate. I did it for maybe 2 days. It just feels too much like a punishment or like a restriction. I'm probably not even going to bother with that again. I know if what I'm eating is healthy or not. I think what's more important is planning ahead so that it's easy to make the healthiest choices. Which brings me to....

Next week's goals!!!!

Bring healthy snacks to work and DON'T EAT FRIES- I manage a restaurant that makes the best fries in the whole wide world (I'm hoping my boss is reading this! Seriously, the best fries). I never order fries when I go out, but when they're right in front of me all day I might accidentally eat a few. Oops, and a few more. Especially if I get kind of hungry and I don't have anything else I can easily snack on. So I need to bring some healthy snacks with me that I can reach for when I feel lik grazing on something. Overall I have a good, clean diet. But it's these little things that get in the way of  really be where I want to be physically.

Lift HEAVIER! I'm not a total wimp when it comes to lifting weights. I'm not using any little pink 3 lb Barbie weights that's for sure. But I don't think I really challenge myself either-I usually complete the amount of reps I'm aiming for without reaching failure. This week I'm going to push myself, choose weights that are 5-10lbs heavier than I would usually go for.
Workout Barbie! Were can I get this outfit? Actually, scratch that, this looks straight outta American Apparel

So that's that for now. I'll be back with another entry next week. I've never done something like this before, actually writing out my fitness goals and tracking how I'm doing. So even if these aren't the most interesting blogs, they're actually really useful for me. Thanks for reading, and hope y'all have a great week!

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