Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sephora had a Sale. So.

It's been a while since I've done a makeup post on here. My love has not faded, it has just moved to a different medium. I've mostly been posting any makeup related stuff on YouTube, just because it's sort of the easiest thing to talk about on there. I did actually film a video to go along with this blog post, and if you want to check it out you can find it here. There's another new video too which you can find here. I don't want to post all of them to Facebook, because I feel like it would be super annoying for people who don't care about that kind of stuff. Also trust me, I do realize that filming myself talking about makeup is a just a bit odd, and I experience an appropriate level of self-consciousness about the whole thing.

There aren't many things that warrant both a blog post AND a video, but today was a very special day: Sephora had a sale. Nothing too crazy- 15% off for VIB Rouge members. It's not a lot, but anytime there's any type of slight markdown on expensive makeup-or honestly even just some good samples, I'm gonna be forgetting all other priorities (friends, family, work, school...what are they?) and pushing old ladies out of the way to get me some products. It's a problem.

This sale was actually kind of cool and different. They held it as an exclusive event, before regular store hours-you had to RSVP and check in with a guest list at the door. There were beauty experts from various companies there doing demonstrations. I was too busy shopping to sit down for a few minutes with any of them, but the friend I brought got a product demo from the sales rep for Benefit Cosmetics, and it seemed like she got some good advice. There was even a refreshment table with coffee and baked goods-which were pretty much ignored because girls that shop at Sephora don't eat danishes(I cracked that joke to one of the girls working and got a blank stare. Come on! That's funny!)

Honestly though, despite not laughing at my bad jokes, everyone working was super helpful, which was awesome because the store was packed with attractive ladies, none of whom could be blamed for their slightly frenzied behaviour. I had a chance to speak with Delores from the management team, and I made sure to let her know that the staff at Sephora always provides great customer service. I work in a restaurant, and I always try to recognize when I get good service in stores and restaurants. Too often it goes unappreciated. Big ups, Delores, you dat bitch!

 I also think Sephora does a great job with their VIB program-and I mean great job at making you want to spend more money, which is always the goal of any customer loyalty program. But you do end up getting some discounts and free stuff-I'll have a photo below of the big grab bag I got today as VIB Rouge Member. There's still a few services that I haven't had a chance to take advantage of-like getting my makeup done for free anytime I want. Maybe once I do that I'll do a blog post or video reviewing the whole VIB program

Overall the sale/event today was fun, if spending a morning blowing your monthly grocery budget for a meager discount on things you really don't need is your idea of good time-which obviously is the case for me. Like I said, check out the video to see everything I picked up, or don't, and just look at these photos instead.

Tom Ford. Luh Ya Papi

S/O to my Grampy for the background painting

Hair Stuffs.

Ridiculously overpriced nail polish
Kitten by Stila
Watch the video to see why I didn't want to buy this.
I happily paid $26 for a sponge that isn't even a contraceptive. What.
I got all this stuff for free! Including that tiny adorable Daisy perfume. Dying.

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