Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making healthy food choices!

I'm going to try something new this week. Usually my entries are pretty long and take me a while to write and edit. But between school and work, my schedule is jam packed right now. I don't want to neglect my blog, so I'm going to try to write a bunch of shorter entries, which I think I will have time to do. Right now I'm taking a break from reading an extremely boring paper for school (I was reading it for AT LEAST 15 minutes, a break is much deserved), so I thought I'd take a moment to do something that doesn't make me wish that death comes soon, and swiftly.

I've talked about eating clean before-actually this post I did a while back talking about clean eating has been my most popular blog post to date. And I am still on that wagon. But we're currently in the dead of what feels like the worst winter of all time. I'm finding myself having to really dig deep to find motivation to go to the gym and eat healthy. I think right now a lot of people are feeling pretty bummed out, and it's tempting to just lay in bed and eat all day. But over the years I've learned some ways to talk myself into making healthy choices. Don't let winter get the best of you-warmer weather is coming soon. I hope. Please Dear Lord, Mother Earth, whoever is in charge, please say it's coming soon.

Here's a few things I think about to help me make healthy decisions about food:

1. I can have that junk food anytime I want- I am an adult who makes my own decisions about what I eat. And more importantly, I am an adult who lives right beside a well stocked 24 hour convenience store. If I want Doritos/Oreos/McCain's Deep n Delicious Chocolate Cake I can have those things literally anytime I want. So when I crave them, I don't feel an urgent need to have them right away. If I still crave those things the next day, I can have them. Even if you don't have the location advantage that I have, this more or less applies to you. You don't have to eat junk food the second you crave it. It's still going to be there tomorrow. And probably in 100 years too, because that shit is full of preservatives.

2. That particular food is not worth it-I'll wait for something that is. Someone once said that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. I do not subscribe to that notion. Some things taste wayyyyy better than being thin feels. But a lot of junk food is just...junk. It doesn't even taste that good. I believe that white flour and white sugar are addictive, and sometimes when we start eating food made from these ingredients it does something to our brains. Like you just want to eat as much of it as possible, ideally with a shovel. But take a minute to think about it-is that McDonald's apple pie(for example) really that fucking good? If you're stoned the answer is probably yes, so ok that's fine. But a lot of the time we just eat crap because it's readily available and it has been created to be craved. Sorry for getting all conspiracy theory on your asses. But I think that even your junk food choices should be made with some thought. Like I love chocolate. But I'm not just going to eat a chocolate bar from the corner store. I go out of my way to pick up a few good quality pieces of chocolate from Laura Secord, or one of my local chocolatiers. If you're going to eat crap, make it high quality crap.

3. If I make healthy choices most of the time, I can really enjoy my indulgences.- This is a big one for me. I struggled with bad feelings about food and my body for years. During that time I could never enjoy any kind of food that I thought was going to make me fat. I was filled with self hatred. But now that I make healthy choices most of the time, and I'm kind to my body, I can relax and not worry about every calorie that I consume. This past weekend I had some girlfriends over and we ate pizza and party mix(pizza party must-have) and drank wine(and vodka, and tequila)-and I didn't worry or feel bad about it all. Because I knew that I'd eaten healthy the rest of the week, and that I would be right back at it the next day. Or at least once my hangover cleared up.

So that's just a few ways that I steer myself towards making healthy choices when it comes to food. And I know the internet is really sensitive to fat shaming these days, so I want to be clear that I know this isn't important to everyone. Eating clean/healthy is my choice, and it's what makes me feel good. I am happy to talk about my experiences with others. But if you have a different approach to food and your body that works for you and makes you happy, that's awesome.
If you liked this entry, let me know. Talking to other people about food and fitness is one way I stay motivated, and maybe I can do an entry about my current gym routine or any other related subject, and it will help keep us all on track.

Yesterday's Lunch: Sliced chicken breast, kale and bean salad and fresh guacamole.

Ok I have to go read for another 15 minutes and then take another break to watch a YouTube video about George Zimmerman's upcoming celebrity boxing match, which suddenly seems very important.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I also eat clean. For example: today I had a gluten-free and vegan cupcake.

  2. I love your lifestyle pieces. I found myself making shitty health choices this winter (yes, I'm actually blaming the weather).. but you're right.. whats with immediate gratification? if I still want something tomorrow, it WILL still be there... glad I read this reminder for the home-stretch of winter so I don't self loathe come spring and summer :) keep em comin ! :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading xo I will definitely do more posts like this