Thursday, December 26, 2013

Catching Up: Sephora VIB Rouge & Moving Forward

It's been quite a while since my last post, and that's because December is a goddamn nightmare and has beat me into the ground and drained me of any spare energy I had to do things like blogging. Or smiling. But now Christmas is over, and I can feel my will to live slowly returning. Because as much as I hate to get sentimental, I really did have a great Christmas spending time with the people I love, which was very refreshing (and the sweet gifts I received didn't hurt either).

So I've got my joie de vivre back, and we have a lot of catching up to do. You might not be surprised to hear that in all the holiday shopping frenzy, I got a little confused and somehow bought myself a few things at Sephora. How the heck? And my last purchase qualified me for VIB Rouge, the highest level of their "Beauty Insider" program- which means that I have spent over $1000 at Sephora in the past year. Oops.

Ok, I know it looks bad. But *FLIMSY JUSTIFICATION ALERT* Makeup is my thing. That's what I like to shop for. I don't own a lot of shoes, or handbags, or jewellery, or even clothes. And I work a lot to support my habits. And I don't carry a balance on my credit card. And I put money into savings each month. And part of what put me over that $1000 mark was a $100 bottle of cologne for my boyfriend (by the way, picking out a cologne is a very stressful, yet sexy experience). But still. I'm shocked and slightly ashamed that I've spent that much at a makeup store. And also excited because now I get free shipping on all my orders! Damn Sephora, you a bad bitch.

One of my latest purcashes, because I already own Naked 2, and Naked 3 was sold out.

I think it's totally appropriate that I qualified for VIB Rouge right at the end of the year. I feel like I've built a good collection of makeup over the past 12 months, and now I can make a New Year's resolution to NOT spend that much next year. Not that I make New Year's Resolutions, but that would be a good one. I think part of the reason I bought so much(although I didn't want to admit it to myself) was that I wanted things to write about in my blog. And I do think it has been a good way for me to get comfortable putting myself out there. Makeup is pretty non-controversial and fun to write about. But I've actually found that the posts I get the most response about are the ones that are more serious and not makeup related. So now I'm feeling a little bit more confident, I hope to focus more on less superficial topics.

2013 has been kind of a rough year for me. Nothing horrible has happened, but I feel like I've had to face some hard truths, and learn some of those shitty life lessons that end up being valuable, but never feel good at the time. But starting this blog has been really good for me, and I want to put more into it in the New Year. I'm  at a point in life where I realize I gotta do the things I want to do. I learned that from a wise man (Drake).

One thing that I hope will really motivate me is a gift I received for Christmas. My boyfriend bought me a Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera. It was a ridiculously generous gift, and I don't even want to know how many bj's it would take to adequately thank him for it (I think the answer is infinite, so I won't bother). Instead I will thank him with great quality photographs of cats and makeup(I'm not going to totally abandon that subject matter).

I have other projects in mind, but I'm not big on telling people things that I'm planning to do, I'd rather wait until I'm actually doing it-I don't want to be all talk ya know? But in general, I'm really excited about saying peace the fuck out 2013.

And in the spirit of the gross overspending I've done in the past year, here's some of my current favourite products:

Clockwise from left: Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma, Macadamia Oil Control Hairspray, Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Aveda Damage Remedy Leave-in treatment(thanks, Sis!), Nars blush palette, but specifically the Laguna Bronzer-first bronzer I've really loved, and Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm. 
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Happy New Year, see you in 2014!

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