Thursday, November 7, 2013

Talking with a Makeup Artist & My Love for Cool Chicks

I am very lucky to have a little sister who manages a salon in Toronto. It's called Civello, and is a certified Aveda Salon. I've been meaning to somehow take advantage of that here on my blog. Because it's easier to be happy about someone else's success(especially your little sisters) if you can directly benefit from it. I'm kidding, I'm super proud of her as she's worked very hard and very much deserves to be where she is-in my eyes there is no greater success than making money being around beauty products all day.
A wall of products. My favourite kind of wall.
 Despite the fact that I'm totally jealous of my sister's cool job, I do want her to succeed, and I'm inclined to speak positively about her workplace. So I might be a little bit biased. But honestly, if the place was a dump, I probably just wouldn't write about it at all. I think I've been there 4 times now and I've been really happy with my hair every time. The stylists really listen to you, as you explain that you realize your hair is fried, and it's really only long in the back, and it hasn't gotten any longer in years-but you're still clinging desperately to the idea of Rapunzel hair and only want the tiniest trim. You know? They get that.

 I didn't previously really know anything about Aveda. I had the full intention of doing some research and writing a blog entry about some of the best products. But then I had the opportunity to talk to Taryn, who colours my hair, and Melanie, one of the Makeup Artists at Civello. They had lots of great information about Aveda. But I was more just struck by what cool ladies they are (although I've lost track of whether or not it's ok to call grown women ladies). So rather than just yap about products, I want to take a moment to talk about how much I admire cool females. Before I go full fan girl though, I will share some of what I learned yesterday.
Taryn and I (from the summer) I think I'm trying to stick my chest out so it looks like I have boobs. But to no avail.
Aveda is an environmentally and globally consious company. The use naturally derived ingredients. Their website even gives a definition of what "naturally derived" means to the company, which I thought was nice because those labels can often be pretty vague. Melanie shared some great stories about various ingredients used in Aveda products, sourced directly from places like Nepal and the Braziallian Forest. I can be pretty critical about any company making statements about ethical business practices, but Melanie gave such specific examples and human stories that I think Aveda's claims are legit. I've had a few people ask me recently about vegan and cruelty free products. I don't know that much about those things, nor do I buy makeup or other beauty products based on whether they're cruelty free or ethically sourced. It's not that I don't care-I just don't care enough(just telling it like it is there). But that kind of stuff is starting to creep into mind a bit more and I know it matters to a lot of people-as it should. So it was nice to learn a bit more about Aveda's environmentally concious philosophy.

That's all really great, but like I said, what really excited me was having the opportunity to sit down and talk with Taryn and Melanie, the makeup artist. Y'all know I love makeup, but I'm no pro. It was really cool to hear a bit about what it's actually like to have a career as a makeup artisit. It was a really casual conversation, not an interview, but even in the few minutes I spent with her I was completely fascinated with her career arc, and her experiences in that industry. From what I gathered, to be successful in makeup you have to work very hard, have a well rounded skill set (like being able to do hair too), and work for free a lot in your early career. Just talking for a few minutes, I could see that Melanie is an intelligent, career driven woman, and I am always happy to be in that sort of company. I love seeing other women doing well in a field that they are passionate about.
A VERY SERIOUS discussion about makeup
I don't think that people who work in the beauty industry always get the respect they deserve. It's like there's some sort of feeling that it's frivilous or doesn't require very much brain power. I know that even in my blog I often feel the need to almost be apologetic when I even write about makeup, saying things like "I know this is silly" or "I swear I'm not always superficial". But talking with Taryn and Melanie yesterday was really refreshing. Beauty and cosmetics might not be saving the world, but they are things that many of us think about on a daily basis. And there's a sort of vulnerability that comes with putting your looks in someone else's hands. So it's awesome to know that there are so many intelligent, passionate hard working people whose careers revolve around hair and makeup. 

In general, it was just awesome to talk with Taryn and Melanie and get that feeling like fuck yeah, girls are awesome. Not that I'm not a fan of the opposite sex. Girls, what's my weakness? You know the answer. But in the past few years I have really come to admire all the cool girls that I am lucky to know. I think it's kind of instinctual to be jealous of other girls, like my own sister, especially when you see them doing well or achieving something that you want for yourself. But it's sooo much better just to be happy for other people and use their success to push you towards your own.  So I just really wanted to take a moment to say I'm a big fan of females, and I'm really stoked on all the different awesome things that my friends and acquaintances are doing. Unless what you're doing involves you have really long beautiful hair. Then you're a bitch and I hate you.

Just kidding, I love you. But I'd shave your head in second.

Thanks for reading, as always. Right now it's Sephora's once a year 20% off VIB sale. You can only imagine what kind of stress that's putting on me right now. I'm looking forward to making some ridiculous purchases and sharing them with you soon. Ok bye!

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  1. I love Aveda products. I purchased a big bottle of the Be Curly shampoo and I almost fell over when it rang through around $90! Good thing I only wash 2x/week!