Thursday, October 3, 2013

Makeup Shopping in NYC

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I spent this past weekend in New York City with my Mom and sister. Have you guys ever heard that rule where if you cheat when you're in a different area code, it doesn't count? Well, I think I feel that way about shopping-doesn't count when you're away from home, right? I anticipated that I would spend a lot of money in NYC.
But something crazy happened-I hardly bought anything! I'm kind of at a point where I don't really need any more makeup(understatement alert!). I'm probably not going to stop, but I at least want to try not to buy products that are similar to what I already own. So I think I was hoping that I would find tons of unique stuff in NYC that I can't get at home, which would add further reason to overspend, along with my area code theory. But I really didn't. It was all pretty much the same as what we have here in Canada. Even though The Sephora on Fifth Avenue was beautiful enough to be a wedding venue, it had all the same products that I'd find here.
I'd get married to an Urban Decay Palette
Actually everywhere we went, the setups were disgustingly beautiful. Saks Fifth Avenue is the most depressing place I've even been. Holding an Alexander McQueen clutch in your hand and not leaving the store with it(unless you're up for a very fast run)-I don't think that's a loss a gal gets over too quickly. But the store was full of beautiful things to look at. And cry over.
Chanel Perfume at Saks

I did find one store in Times Square that was really exciting, and affordable(ish). Inglot is a brand I've heard about on YouTube, but never actually come across. I don't know that much about them, but they have a line of build your own makeup palettes called the "Freedom System" that is the stuff dreams are made of (if you like to keep your dreams fairly pathetic, as I do).

They give you a magnetic board to shop with and pick out your own colours of eyeshadow, blush, face powders and lipsticks available in different size palettes. Once you've picked out your colours on the board, you just take it up to the counter and pay for your selection, which they give to you in individual boxes for you to assemble in the corresponding palette. This kind of thing makes me feel like I am extremely simple minded. I don't know what it is about all these little squares of colours that makes me lose my mind. I wanted to eat them. I managed not to ingest any at all, and only purchase 4 eyeshadow colours and one palette to case them. I think the full set here was about $40.

I'd been wanting some orange shadow for a bit, so this seemed like a good choice. I didn't particularly need the light or dark colours, but what was I going to do, only buy two? I don't think so. I could have bought a ton at this store, but I really need curb my eyeshadow habit. Which brings me to one of my only other beauty related purchases from the trip:

Oops. This adorable little 8-pan palette from Maybelline called "Sunbaked Neutrals" is one of the few things I found that I hadn't seen anywhere in Canada. One of my favourite YouTubers EmilyNoel83 has mentioned this one a few times recently. And, because I've deluded myself into thinking these internet people are my trusted friends, I wanted to get it. Honestly there isn't a colour in this palette that I don't already have somewhere else. But it was fairly cheap, and I was feeling desperate to find makeup that I couldnt get back home.

One more thing I picked up was a hairbrush. My salon-manager sister was harping on me for "brushing" my hair with a comb. So then I made fun of her loafers, and she called me annoying and I called her boring, and then we played nice for a bit because it was my Mom's birthday weekend (love you, Anna). But she was right about the brush thing. Bitch.

This thing is called a Tangle Teezer. It's supposed to be good for brushing your tangles out without ripping chunks of hair from your scalp. As you can see there's no handle, you just hold it in the palm of your hand. I don't know, it seems alright. I have shitty hair that breaks and doesn't grow no matter what I do. This doesn't seem to be making it worse.

So that was really all I got in terms of anything beauty related on this trip. I love New York, but this is kind of similar to what happened last time I went there. I budgeted and planned to go buck wild shopping, but ended up coming home with very little. There's just SO much to buy there. And most of what you really want is stuff that you could never conceivably afford, unless you want to sell all your possessions and move back in with your parents for a year or two. And, you know, now that I'm thinking about that McQueen clutch.....we had a pretty good weekend Ma, what do you say?

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