Sunday, October 13, 2013

End of the Week Roundup: Products that disappointed, Ipsy Glam Bag, & No Makeup on a Bad Skin Day

Is Sunday the end of the week of the beginning of the week? I'm not sure. As I've told you before, I find basic day to day life quite difficult. The other day I hit my head on a door AND a wall, at separate times. Knowing the order of the days of the week is kind of beyond me. Anyway, I digress.

Happy Thanksgiving! I want to say that I am so thankful to anyone who reads this. One of my most recent entries has been viewed 112 times so far. I know that's a very small number in internet terms, but on a personal level it's really cool. I write this blog for my own enjoyment-I try to not to be very self promotey(that's a word). But I really love it when anyone sends me a message on Facebook or asks me questions in person about anything on my blog. It goes a long way towards validating my superificial pursuits. If there is ever a topic that anyone wants me to write about- whether it's makeup or fitness or really anything else, please let me know. Now that I know at least a few people are reading, I'd love your input.

I don't have a specific topic to write about today, so I thought I'd just share a bunch of stuff that I've thought of this week. My Ipsy Glam Bag showed up a few days ago, which is always exciting. Ipsy is a beauty product subscription service. For $15 a month I get 5 products mailed to me. The last few have been really good selections of products I've actually used. This month was great too:

September's Bag contained: Sexy Hair Spray Clay (which I tried and didn't like. I just prefer a lighter hold hairspray I think), H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment(I'll get to that in a minute), Ofra Lipgloss Plumper in Sultry(no complaints), Nourish Organic Coconut and Argan Body Lotion(it's alright but has a sickly sweet smell), and Zoya Nail Polish in Mason(I might use it).

So all around pretty good. The Face Oasis thing is pretty cool:

It's a moisturizer but it's like a gel. I like it and have been using it for a few days. I love getting skincare products from Ipsy. I don't know if I'd actually buy this stuff, but I am glad to have it.

And talking about skincare is a good lead in to the next part of this post. I want to post something a little scary: A photo of myself with no makeup. And I don't mean "no makeup", I mean  no makeup (you know the difference, right?). I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers do it and I think it's a really good thing to show people. I recently had someone tell me I have nice skin, and I want to clear up the confusion. I don't have nice skin. I'm just good at faking it.

I did take this on a good hair day-gotta give myself something ya know?

I even took this photo with the front-facing camera on my iPhone so it would be better quality and you'd be able to see my zits and dark circles in full detail(and get a little peek of the mess in my bathroom). I know it's kind of a trend on Instagram to post #nomakeup photos so that people can tell you how great you look without it. That's not what I'm going for. I just want to show you what I'm really working with-and that it's nothing exceptional.
I also think this little exercise was really good for me. I do not leave the house without makeup, I really don't. And most of the time I wear a lot of it. I think I get so used to seeing myself in full face paint that I think I look weird or bad without it. I feel like it's good for me to look at myself without any makeup on to remember what I actually look like, and realize that I could probably get by with less than 4 colours of eyeshadow every day.

Just kidding, I need that shit. And now that I have this blog, I feel that it's my duty to keep cake facing it up and reporting back on what's good on what's not.

On which note I want to tell you about 2 products I've picked up recently that I haven't been impressed with.

Mac Fix + Spray-I just bought this recently, and for me it's a dud. You're supposed to be able to use it for a few different things, including to soften up an overpowdered look. But I found that when you spray it on after applying makeup, it totally messes it up. Like makes streaks in your foundation and blush. So you might not look like you put on too much powder, but you'll be a mess anyway. Maybe I'm just not using it right, but I was really not impressed. My Urban Decay setting spray doesn't mess up my makeup at all.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- This one is kind of love/hate. It is a good product-the best brow pencil I've used. But see that little nugget that looks like mouse shit? That's a piece of the pencil-it's broken into pieces that fall out every time I use it. This thing cost $27- I feel like it should stay in one piece. Then again, maybe this is just what I deserve for spending that kind of money to draw on fake eyebrows everyday.......hmmm.

I know this post was kind of all over the place. I really really really want to buy some new things at Sephora, but I also really want to pay for school(notice only one "really there-don't worry, Sephora will get some of my money soon). In the meantime I don't want anyone to think I'm slacking in the makeup department. I still think about it all the time-and I am not ashamed to talk about it at length. Like I said, if anyone has requests for future posts, I'd love your input. We'll be like a bunch of pals having a sleepover talking about girly things. And if you fall asleep first, I'm definitely gonna draw a dick on your face. But I'd use really nice lipstick to do it.

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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