Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shopping Logic: It doesn't even count as shopping if you went in for Shampoo

I've had myself totally convinced that I haven't been shopping for makeup/beauty related crap lately. And in my own defense I haven't actually gone shopping for makeup.....but it seems to have happened anyway. You know, you go to the drugstore/Walmart/wherever because you need Q-Tips, but then you see that your mascara is on sale, so you better grab it, and oooh, those eyeshadows are limited edition-don't want to miss out! Then things get a little hazy and next thing you know you're leaving the store wondering how the fuck Q-Tips cost 75 bucks. Practicing restraint in the drugstore could be one of the tests towards becoming a buddhist monk. Take a vow of silence for three years, then go to Shopper's Drug Mart and not buy anything and you're in.

So even though I honestly, truly 100% have not been shopping for makeup, I seem to have acquired a bunch of new shit. And it always makes me feel better about my purchases to share them on here. So let's have a look. I know you feel me on this one.

Not Shopping #1

This was a trip to Walmart for socks. The hair masks and crease brush are fairly self explanatory. I want to talk about the heat protectant spray and the blushes.
Ok, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray-This is a Youtube favourite. Everyone says it's a great heat protectant spray, and I've bought it a few times so I guess I don't think it sucks. But honestly how the fuck do people tell if it's really working? I use like 12 different products in my hair at all times, how am I  to know if it's the leave in conditioner or the Morrocan Oil, or the heat spray that's making my hair smooth? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I need them all. I mostly buy this because I feel like I should.
I also bought three Hard Candy face products-two blushes, one highlighter. Hard Candy used to be a high end line but they've rebranded and it's now sold at Walmart. I thought that rather than buy a selection a different products from across the line, I would just buy 3 things that all basically do the same thing because I couldn't decide which one I liked best. It makes sense to me. I do really like these though. I don't think the blushes as blushes-they're pretty sheer and shimmery, but they work really well as highlighters. And the one on the right that actually is a highlighter is really similar to The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer, which if you've been reading, you know I smashed to bits.

 Not Shopping #2

Now this was a trip to a grocery store that had a large drugstore-style makeup section. And yes, I was there for groceries. But they had a lot of stuff I haven't seen anywhere else so I had to act. The Demeter Body Spray was part of a huge display of all kinds of wild scents including "Cannabis Flower". I thought that "Laundromat" smells like dryer sheets which is one of my favourite scents, right below gasoline and permanent marker. The Rimmel Apocolips is a new line that I've heard a lot about. I'm not a big lip gloss fan but this one is really pretty and not sticky at all. Would recommend. I also bought 3 more cheek products-it's not a problem at all. The Milani Baked Blush is something I'v heard about a lot. I've tried this one out and I don't think I'm crazy about it. It's super sparkly which isn't always the best. And the Wet n Wild one still has it's seal because guess what, I don't actually need anymore blush, pretty much ever.
The third (or sixth, depending on where you started counting) face/cheek product needs it's own photo:

Tell me right now: Is that, or is that not the most beautiful makeup ever? It's the Milani Illuminating Face Powder in "Beauty's Touch". It's so pretty that it doesn't even need to be good at anything(that's a good life lesson too). But it is actually an awesome product. I don't know how to describe it exactly-I guess it just does what it says it does-illumiates. It really makes your skin glow and it's definitely my favourite "not shopping" purchase of late.

Not Shopping #3

This was actually a trip to Winner's. I meant to buy shampoo, but that thought left my mind the second I saw that they had individual Real Techniques brushes. This is a line of makeup brushes created by a Samantha Chapman, who is a Youtube Beauty Guru. They're my favourite brushes, ahead of higher end ones I own. They're usually sold at Walmart(at very affordable prices) and usually only in sets. They're great and I don't feel bad about buying these ones at all. I also grabbed a fan brush from Ecotools (a decent brush line) which I use for highlighting my cheek bones. The other thing is from "elf" which is a bargain makeup brand I hear a lot about, but isn't sold anywhere around me. This wrinkle reducer thing seemed interesting-you're supposed to be able to use it to smooth fine lines on your face. But it was total garbage because it made my foundation cake on the areas I used it. Guess it's time to start looking into Botox ladies.

 The lesson I'm really trying to impart here is that sometimes inexpensive makeup creeps up on you. Going to Sephora is like a thing. But you could find yourself in a drugstore or similar setting on any given day. You think, oh I'll just see if there's anything new and BAM 6 new face products you didn't need. Let this be a cautionary tale. What you need to do is run directly to that shampoo, then continue the mad dash to the counter and throw your money at the cashier and get the fuck out of there before it sucks you in. Even if you're moving so fast you forget to take your change, you'd probably still be saving yourself money. I think it's worth a try. But then again, Fall is almost upon us-that means a lot of new makeup is about to drop. It's about to get real tough out there ladies.

I wish us all the best of luck. I for one am going to need it.

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