Saturday, August 31, 2013

Online Shopping-Sephora and Hautelook

In my last post I was whining about my recent online purchases taking way too long to show up. I had ordered some stuff from Sephora(which actually arrived pretty quickly), and Hautelook(which took almost a month from the time I ordered it). The day after that post BOTH  of my orders showed up. So thank you, Universe.

I generally try to stay away from online shopping, and the (sometimes) long wait times are part of the reasons I'd rather buy in stores. When I go shopping, it's because I feel a void inside that I need to fill with material objects tout de suite. But also I just think online shopping can be a slippery slope into credit hell. You can literally buy anything you want on the internet and never have to leave your house. Which kind of sounds like the best thing ever ,but like in the way that heroin is supposed to be a great high. Best to just not get into either one of those things, I'd say.

Unlike heroin, every once in a while I do say "just this once" to online shopping. Sometimes there's just really good deals, or sometimes you had a really bad day and the mall is already closed. Some combination of those two things led me to make a few online purchases lately.

The first order I made was from Hautelook. Hautelook is an online shopping website that offers exclusive sales to members on everything from makeup(which I'm most interested in) to home decor. The issue I have with this kind of site(there are many) is that it's really easy to get into the mentality of "it's on sale, so I'm saving money". You must be strong and remind yourself that if you're spending money on something you don't need(like more blush) you are still spending, even if it's a really good deal. There's new sales on the site every day, and I always want everything. But I was holding out until there was something I really wanted, not just wanted because it was on sale.

I've talked about The Balm Cosmetics a lot on here. I love the brand, though I suspect that's partially because it has the cutest packaging of all time. But also a lot of their products actually are really good. So when it came up on Hautelook for I think 40% off, I knew my time had come. Sometimes the sales on higher end prodcuts just seem like the products that are left over from last season. But there was a really good selection of current products from The Balm. Here's what I got:

The Nude'Tude Palette-this palette also comes in a more PG version without the ladies. Boring.
Hot Mama Blush
Stainiac Cheek and Lip Stain
I actually also ordered one more thing-the Bahama Mama Bronzer, but for some reason they shipped it separately, which is really fucking annoying. But despite a few annoyances with the shipping, I'm pretty happy with my purchases. It's definitely worth it to sign up for Hautelook, just try not to lose your mind on all the cheap stuff.

Ok now online shopping experience #2; Sephora. I usually prefer to go to an actual store to buy Sephora stuff, but I do order online every once in a while if they have some sort of promotion going on. This time they were offering a bag of 9 sample products upon purchase. The promo was in-store too, but I didn't think I'd have time to go to one before it ended. Sephora did this same kind of thing last year, and I remember it being worth it so I wanted to get in on it again this year.

Here's what came in the sample bag:

As you can see there's some pretty good sized products here from well known high end brands. I'm not going to list them because I've been typing for a while and I'm getting lazy. I was most excited to try out Benefit's Porefessional Primer. I've heard good things about it, but it's like $30 and I'm not that into primers to just go out and buy it. Overall I do think this sample bag was worth making an order for.

Here's what I actually paid for:

Beauty Blender Sponge- These things are mega-hyped on YouTube and in beauty blogs. It's just a makeup application sponge, but everyone raves about them. I'd been holding out on buying one because it's $26. Yeah, for a sponge, and not even the prophylactic variety. It seems a bit outrageous. But I've been using it this week and it is actually pretty good. It gives your foundation and concealer a really even finish. I don't think it's a super necessary item to have, but it does work well. 

Bare Minerals Eye Brightener Powder in Well Rested- One thing I've learned from YouTube is that you're supposed to set your undereye concealer with a powder that's made specifically for that purpose, rather than your usual face powder, which can look cakey in that area. Again, it's kind of one of those things I held off on, but now that I have it I fear it may be something I can't live without. It really does go the extra step to covering undereye circles.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball- If you haven't heard of this fragrance, you haven't been paying attention. I'm not going to try tell you what "notes" and "essences" it has. When it comes to perfume, I describe them like this: "I like it" or "I don't like it". This one gets the former description. I really like buying these rollerballs. It lets you build up your perfume collection without going into debt. Although if you're like me and kind of suck at life, you'll think you can take these with you anywhere and end up losing them anyway (where are you, Marc Jacobs Daisy?).

Ok that's all the online damage I've done. I think the moral of the story (because there's always a moral when it comes to cosmetics) is go ahead and shop online, but tread carefully! It's really easy to go crazy when you're just clicking buttons and looking at pictures-of all the things you've ever wanted to make you feel complete. But you can find some pretty good deals. And getting a package in the mail can sometimes be the best thing that happens to you all week. So even though you're not getting immediate gratification, shopping still comes through in the end. Thanks, Capitalism :)

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  1. Girl, I so feel you on the online shopping! Way too easy to spend a ton of money without getting off your ass LOL The Buxom lipglosses are fab and so is the POREfessional, I use it all the time :)