Saturday, August 3, 2013

How I Stay Motivated at the Gym

I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block lately. I think it's just that I really don't feel like writing about makeup right now. Like I have enough, I don't want to keep buying shit just to have something to write about (although I did just order some stuff off the site Hautelook, and will tell you about that when the shipment comes in). But I really enjoy writing and want to keep it up. The post I recently did about fitness got the most views and most feedback of anything I've put on here. So I thought I'd talk a bit more about that, since it's my true passion and favourite topic.

When I talk to people about going to gym, I often hear that they want to work out but can't find the motivation to do it. I feel that. I actually joined the gym 3 separate times before I started going regularly. You know, I'd sign up, pay the fees, buy some new shoes, go like 5 times and then I'd lose steam and not go for the rest of the year that I was paying for. It's hard to get your butt into the gym on the regular, I know. But I've now been working out pretty steady for almost 10 years. There is nothing special about me-I don't have anything that anyone else doesn't have. But I have somehow found motivation to stick with it all these years.

Here's a few things that keep me going.

Make it a mental priority and keep trying-the first step is to get it into your head that this is what you want. Say to yourself every day, I want to go to the gym, I want to be fit. At first you might not believe it. But if you keep telling yourself that you want to work out, you're going to start to really want to do it. Even if you fail a few times-like I did-just keep it in your head that you want to be a person who is fit. Eventually you won't be able to fight yourself anymore.

Realize that all emotion is energy and it can all be worked out at the gym- Whatever you're going through in life, you can channel it into physical activity. Whether you're sad, angry, excited, whatever-all those feelings require energy from you. Take that energy and use it to get your ass moving. Going to the gym has helped me through some real shit. I went through one particularly crappy breakup years ago. I used working out as a way to get my feelings out. I'd go to the gym and just kill it-then have a little cry in the sauna afterwards. That is the most pathetic thing I've ever admitted in a public forum. But the point is, I used my shitty feelings as a reason to go the gym. I still do that now. And I always feel better for it.

Find some fit role models- Rather than looking at people who are in amazing shape and wishing you could be like them, know that you can be like them. We're all just people. If there's someone with an amazing hard body, they have worked hard for it. Buy some fitness magazines, watch some videos on YouTube. Or just find fit people in real life and talk to them about fitness. The best thing about people who work out (at least in my experience) is that they are always happy to talk about it, and they really want the same thing for other people. Find out what path the people you admire have taken, and start taking the same steps.

Get in really good shape one time- A few years ago I went to Vegas with a bunch of girlfriends. I really wanted to be in great shape for the trip- I figured Vegas would be full of hot bodies and I wanted to fit in. Turns out there were a lot of fat tourists, so I need not have worried. But I did reach a level of fitness I had not done prior to that. And I felt great. It was the first time that I put on a bathing suit and had not one speck of self doubt about the way my body looked. It was hard work. But now I have a benchmark for how good I can feel and I never want to be too far from that. If you push yourself and get into your personal best shape, you'll see how good it feels and you'll want to keep feeling that way.

Do it for the Haters-Do it for your ex-boyfriend. Do it for the girl who thought she was the shit and wouldn't give you a chance. Do it for the boss who was a dick to you. Do it for anyone who's ever crossed you or put you down. Being fit makes you feel good about yourself. And when you really feel good about yourself, no one can take that away from you. Let other people's shitty attitudes motivate you to do better for yourself. This one might not be the most healthy or positive advice, but it's real talk up in here.

Listen to Hip Hop-Sometimes it's just about getting yourself pumped up, and Hip Hop does that for me. How you supposed to feel like a real gangsta if your fitness ain't right? Ok, I guess Rick Ross might disagree. But a lot of hip hop is all about having a big ego. It's great to be humble, but honestly I'm all for taking pride in yourself as a person. Sometimes listening to some good hip hop on my way to gym is all it takes to get me worked up to really push it. Plus, when you're in good shape, it's easier to believe that there's still a chance for you to achieve your lifelong dream of being a video ho. Or is that just me? If hip hop doesn't do it for you, find the music that does-there's nothing that motivates me so much in a very immediate way as a good beat.

These are just a few things that keep me going. I could probably do a Part 2 of this down the line. Honestly the biggest thing I can say is that the more you go to the gym, the less you will have to try to find motivation. You will just want to go. So just keep trying. And listen to Ace Hood.

Jamie Eason, one of my fitness role models


  1. I like pop music to work out. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Britney, even Florence are my best workout friends.

    I truly enjoy the feeling of being kicked in the ass by a workout... except when I have overdone it and can't lift a serving tray for 3 days.

    1. Ps. I love the blog! You are a great writer Rufio!

    2. Beyonce is a good one for me too. Who run the world? I feel like Bey just goes without saying! And thank you so much for reading and commenting it means a lot to me xo