Monday, July 1, 2013

Weird Commercial of the Day

Apparently this week my thing is to critique commercials. I actually like to do that a lot. I think it makes watching commercials more enjoyable. It also makes me feel like I'm very big media concious while I spend hours watching TLC.  Sometimes, when I a commerical one that really bugs me, I'll pick up my copy of Noam Chomsky's "Media Control". Then I remember how I struggled through those first three pages I read five years ago. I put it back right away and watch the next episode of Sister Wives instead.

This isn't really a critique, more of a question. Watch this and tell me.....
..........are they about to have an orgy? Because that's what I'm getting out of this. There's just a real sexy bedroom vibe going on. When I first saw it I thought it was just the one woman in a room full of men. Yikes. But now I see there's a fairly equal ratio and I'm more ok with the implications. Way to get funky, Rolo.

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