Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Faced Loves Sephora Palette and Dear Lord I Have Enough Eyeshadow (almost)

I had a bit of a crappy day today. Not to worry though. Like the good, middle class, North American woman I am, I headed straight to the mall where I spent too much money on things I don't need, making me feel simultaneously better, and much worse about myself. Gosh I love capitalism.

It's kind of that shitty in-between season where there's nothing good to buy clothing wise. So I went to Sephora, and came out with a full-body coat of glitter, smelling like 15 different kinds of perfume. It was very therapeutic.

 Though I joke about my spending habits I managed to only pick up a few things and only feel slightly nauseous post shop (seriously though, don't you always feel a little ashamed after shopping at Sephora? I'm not suggesting we stop, I'm just saying).

The big thing I bought was the Too Faced Loves Sephora Palette. This is a special edition palette in celebration of Too Faced and Sephora being in business together for 15 years.

It's a little bit of a wilder colour selection than I'd normally go for. But as you're going to see in a minute, I'm pretty much covered as far as neutral eyeshadow goes. I thought I'd branch out a bit. I swatched some of the shadows in the store and the one called Jer Jer is what really sold me on the palette. It's real purdy. As you can see there's 10 shadows, 2 bronzers(one matte, one shimmery), a blush, a mini tube of eye primer, 2 booklets of looks you can create with the palette and a totally useless brush. I don't get why companies like Too Faced-who I think know better-insist on including total friggin shit brushes with their makeup. You're not fooling anyone you filthy whores! Oops, disproportionate anger there, my apologies. Overall this seems like a great selection of products and I'm looking forward to using all of them. Except for that damn brush.

While I'm on the hard hitting topic of eyeshadow palettes I thought I'd do a quick review of the other palettes I own. Even though I clearly love Sephora, I don't actually buy a lot of makeup there. I really think that you don't need to spend that kind of money to get good products. But if you do want to spend some money and get something really enjoyable, I think eyeshadow palettes are the best high end purchase you can make. You get a lot of different products for your money and they last a long time. And there's often not an equal drugstore product to a full palette. I've acquired a few now, and used my other ones enough to tell you what the fuck I think about them. Sorry about the swear-heavy post. I told you I had a bad day.

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 ($50)

If there was a makeup religion, this would be one of its' holy artifacts. This palette is super hyped in the blog/Youtube world. It was my first palette, and when I first bought it I thought it was great. But honestly, after using it for a while and finding a palette I liked way better, this palette is a bit of a miss for me. The shadows are good quality. But there's just not enough variety. Of the 12 shadows, 9 are shimmery. There needs to be more matte colours. I feel like Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve and YDK are all too similar to each other. If a few of those were replaced with some matte browns this would be a much more versatile palette. I'm not saying don't buy it, but maybe don't buy it if you only want to buy one palette. Plus it's another one that comes with a shitty brush. Why ya gotta play me like that, UD?

2. Stila In The Light ($39)

This is the beauty that knocked the Naked 2 palette out of the water for me. I know it doesn't look vastly different in terms of shade range. But it just has the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, lights and darks to create a huge array of looks. Hands down the best palette I own. And it comes with a full size Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner, which is a $20 value alone-so much better than a brush. This is the palette I would tell you to buy if you only wanted to buy one ever. Stila, you're doing it right.

3. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude ($42)
I just recently acquired this palette (and blogged about it). I've had a good chance to use it now and I'm very happy with the purchase. Partially because it was a gift. It's much easier to be happy with overpriced makeup that someone else buys for you. But also it's a great palette. It's actually what I've been reaching for on a daily basis lately. You can get a really nice subtle look that's good for daytime. I'm sure you could get deeper looks too, but that's just how I've been using it. The shades Ive been using most are Malloy, Rosen, Singh and Lombardi. All very good quality. Plus it's always nice to say good morning to that handsome gent on the package. Hey there. Hey.

4. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone (about $9)
I thought I'd include this as a great, affordable palette. Wet n Wild is one of those brands that I would probably never have gotten into if I were not a YouTube junkie. It's so inexpensive that you kind of assume it must be crap. But I've purchased lots of their shadows now, and for the most part they're awesome. This particular palette is really nice. It's all shimmery, which I realize I complained about with the Naked 2, but at this price point I think it's ok if you need other shadows to create a full look. I really like Wet n Wild too for beefing up and diversifying my shadow collection. They have trios in all different colours that are $3. Definitely worth that money, and if you don't love them who cares anyway. $3 can't even buy you a shot of tequila. Trust me, I know.

So that's a roundup of all my eyeshadow palettes. I don't need anymore. Except have you seen the Lorac Pro Palette? Oh it's so nice. I want it. No I don't. Yes I do. I'll wait until I have another shitty day, which I hope doesn't happen anytime soon. Or do I?

Honestly nothing really bad happened today. And after buying myself a gift and then writing about it, I don't feel too crappy anymore.

But you know what woud make me feel even better?


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