Monday, July 8, 2013

The Balm Cosmetics

 Something really sad happened to me lately and I need to talk about it:

I dropped my mother effing $30 Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter from The Balm, and it smashed. When I did it I actually laid face-down on my bed and cried for a minute. I ain't lyin'. You know you've had it good in life when this is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Well, it's either this or you know when you let someone else pick where you're eating lunch and it's a cafe that only serves sandwiches and you're forced to eat WHITE BREAD? That's pretty bad too. But I'm always one to try to see the positive side in any situation, and I made no exception after this terrible mishap. I realized that my level of sorrow over mangling this product must mean I love it a lot. And that made me want to try more cosmetics from the same brand. I'd been planning on buying some new makeup for a bit, so when I found the whole line from The Balm on sale, it felt like destiny.

The Whole Gang

The Balm is a higher end brand that's sold in drugstores and online at A lot of their products get great reviews on Youtube and in blogs. The above picture includes that beautiful, broken soul Mary-Lou, an eyeshadow palette that was a gift, 2 blushes and a lipstick I bought for myself and two sample sizes of cream foundation that was given to me by the nice lady at the makeup counter. I'm going to show pictures of all the products indivually, but other than the Mary-Lou Manizer, I haven't had much of a chance to use these things and give them a proper review. But I wanted to get this post up in case any one else who lives near me wanted to take advantage of the sale that's on for a few more days. Rexall has 25% off all The Balm Cosmetics. In addition to that they are offering $10 off when you spend $50 or more on cosmetics. So I got the 2 blushes and lipstick for under $60 when I think they would have come to close to $90 if I paid full price. Plus they gave me another $10 gift card for my next purchase. High end makeup doesn't go on sale that often so you might want to get on it.

 Even though I have only tried most of this stuff out once, I'll give you individual descriptions to the best of my ability.

Pleased to meet ya
I have wanted the Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette ever since I saw Leighannsays use it in a Youtube tutorial months back. You can see in the picture at the top, this is a big palette, and the eyeshadows themselves are really big. Matte eyeshadow in general is really nice. It looks more natural than shimmery shades. Matte shadows also look better in photos, which we all know is of utmost importance these days. I don't want to get too analytical here (or god-forbid, self reflective) but doesn't it seem like makeup has become way more important since social media has a been a thing? Is that because we all know our picture could end up on Instragram at any moment? Nahhhhh. On with the expensive cosmetics!

 I've heard lots of good things about pretty much all of the blushes by The Balm. I decided to go with "Cabana Boy" because I don't own anything like it. It's a darker blush that I think could be used in the hollows of your cheeks like bronzer to make your cheekbones stand out. Another really good one is "Hot Mama." I actually prefer that one, but it looks a lot like Nars Orgasm, which I already own, so I went for something that would bring something new to the party.

I also picked up one of their new Instain Blushes. These have a different formula and are supposed to be really long wearing. There's six shades-this one is Argyle. There were a few really nice ones and I had a hard time deciding. This one seemed like the most wearable for every day. But now I'm gazing at it lovingly and thinking it's going to be hard not to go pick up another one.

[Update: On day two of wearing this blush I have decided that I love it. Definitely recommend.]

This Balm Girls lipstick is called Anita Boytoy. It's ok. I'll definitely wear it, but it's nothing special. When I buy Mac lipsticks I pretty much want to rub them all over my body, they're so freaking beautiful. I had no similar perverse feelings upon trying out this lipstick. We'll just be friends.

Good old Mary-Lou, the star of this post. It is a great powder highlighter. But I have come across quite a few other photos and reviews that suggest breakage is a common problem. Not all powder products smash so easily. So just be careful if you decide to buy this one. Mine's still usable but it's pretty annoying and I might try to fix it.

I haven't used the sample foundations I received, but I will say that I haven't heard great things about foundations by The Balm. The brand's strength seems to be their powder products-blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter.  I've heard negative reviews on some of their other products including foundation, concealer and mascara, so maybe keep that in mind.

I'm really excited about my new things from The Balm. And I know that you can't say that you SAVED money just because something was on sale. *LIFE LESSON ALERT*. If you buy something that you don't need at all, you aren't "saving" money no matter how deeply discounted is was, you're just spending. But still, it's nice to buy things on sale.Especially makeup, because I'm pretty sure that whole industry is trying to take me for everything I've got. And it's working.

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  1. I just spotted the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette at my local Rexall! I think I'm going to wait until theBalm goes on BOGO free to pick up more goodies from them :) Mary Lou-Manizer is a gorgeous highlighter, I hope you can fix her!