Sunday, July 7, 2013

Revlon Clipless Curling Iron (I think they meant 3 in 1)

I've been seeing a lot of clipless curling irons lately. Rather than grab your hair with the clip and curl it by moving the iron like you would with a regular curling iron,  clipless wands are held in place and you manually I never really found hair kinks a major life issue. But still, I was excited about this new development in hair destroying hot tools.

I had been eyeing one at Sephora for a while, but it was around $150 and I couldn't justify spending that much when I already have a curling iron that works fine. When I saw the Revlon Style Expert 2 in 1 Styling Iron for about $30-35 at Target I decided to try it out. I've been using it for a bit now and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Here's what it looks like (it comes with two barrels and both are pictured):

Ok, if you think THAT looks like a dildo check this puppy out :
Revlon Curl Magic

 Jiminy Cricket! I don't own the second one (too wild!), but I promise in my house the top one only gets used on my hair. And it has really underperformed in that area, always a let down with a new toy. I mean tool.

The product comes with two interchangable barrels; a 1-inch barrel and a skinnier taper. The bigger barrel is meant to be for soft wavy curls, while the taper is more for spiral curls. It also comes with a heat resistant glove as most clipless curling irons do. This is so you don't burn your fingers when you wrap your hair around the barrel. But here's what the glove looks like:
It's a body exfoliating glove. Which are great for that purpose, but really shitty for working with your hair. I tried to use it, but its so thick and textured that you can't get a good feel for what you're doing at all. It also kind of snags and pulls at my hair. It was basically useless, so I just had to use the wand with bare hands. Hey that's ok, I never liked having feeling in my finger tips anyway, thanks Revlon.

I really found the curler hard to use in general. I could kind of work it on one side of my head, but the other side was super awkward. You have to hold it upside down and reach your hands over your head to wrap your hair. I end up having curls going all different ways because I can never figure out which way I'm supposed to hold it. 
This is how I have to hold it the whole time.

Honestly it's really not worth the trouble at all. I am not a hair expert, but I do curl my hair often, using both a regular curling iron and my straightener. I don't think I should have this much trouble using a hair tool and getting a look I like with it. And I gave it a few chances. Even when I managed to maneuver it I didn't like the curls I got with it. The big barrel just gives you waves that flatten out quickly. The taper gives you ringlets that make you look like Shirley Temple. No offence Shirley-my family had a copy "Bright Eyes" on VHS and it was delightful.

I wouldn't recommend this curling wand at all. There were really no advantages to using it over a traditional curling iron. I just found it too hard to use for too little payoff. But then again, I sometimes lose my balance and hit my head on walls out of nowhere. I find life in general pretty difficult. So maybe if you have a better handle on things you'd be able to use this thing just fine. You can have mine.

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