Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Vegas

Note: I hit "publish" at 12:01 on Friday ugh. But it still counts as TBT because it was Thursday when I wrote it. Technicalities.

As I pack for my vacation-now less than 36 hours away-it's natural that I reflect on past travels. In particular I've been reminiscing about the trip I took to Las Vegas 2 years ago with the same ladies I'm traveling with this time(less one). We headed to Sin City for a full week in August of 2011-which is pretty outrageous, as I hear many people say a weekend there is enough. But we did break it up with an overnight trip to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.
Four Vegas Girls on Fremont Street

This was the first trip I've ever taken with friends, and it really gave me the feeling of crossing something off my bucket list. I always had boyfriends in my teens and early twenties. After my last major breakup I  really felt like I was lacking in solid female friendships. It's not that I didn't have girlfriends. But I always felt really jealous of other girls who did cool things together. Vegas 2011 was 100% a girly girl vacation and I loved pretty much every minute of it. It wasn't all about finding ourselves and having a lot of really touching moments. It was just a week long good time with some great girls-we definitely got our party on.  I really treasure doing things that make me feel like if I'm old and married one day, I'll look back and know that I killed it in my youth and didn't miss out on anything.

Pool Party at the Palms. This was near the end of the week and I was struggling. DJ Jazzy Jeff hosted this party, which was a 90's dream come true.
If you haven't been to Vegas: GO. I wasn't sure that I was going to like it-I thought it might feel smarmy and just too much overall. And ok, it really is much too much, but in the best way possible. The Strip and everything around seems designed to ensure that it's impossible to have a bad time. One night we just walked around for hours, not gambling, not drinking, just taking it all in. Everything is big, and designed to be looked at and to impress. My favourite thing about my Vegas experience was that everyone is just so stoked to be there. We'd walk down the street drinks in hand and just raise our glasses to strangers and yell "yeah, Vegas!!!"-and the gesture would be returned.Woooooo!!!!!!!
My impression is that you could design your Vegas trip to suit your idea of the perfect vacation. For us it was a lot of drinking in our hotel pool, a few nights of full-on, dressed up clubbing, and maybe a bit too much shopping. We didn't really gamble much, just played slots a bit to say that we had. Obviously you could go there on a strictly gambling trip-which many people do. And I could see an older couple having a great time going to shows and eating in the world famous restaurants that Vegas has to offer.
The Grand Canyon! Where decent clothing is apparently optional.
The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon served to make the trip feel a little more educational and a little less hedonistic. Both were incredible. I was especially in awe of the Dam. I have a weird fascination with bridges and structural engineering. Seeing the various structures built right into the rock face was a nice bit of nerd candy for me-how'd they do it????? So cool. I was also surprised that at the Dam there's a lot of art-deco style metal work built into it, which looked extra beautiful in such a stark, hard environment.

At the Hoover Dam! Chevy Chase where are you????
I could ramble for ages about that whole trip. It was definitely one for the books. But then I'd have to get into a whole lot more detail. And you know what they say about Vegas! It's great to look back on that trip now though because it was such an amazing time. I have no doubt in my mind that Barbados is going to be another banger of a vacation. I'd bet on it.
I learned an important lesson about credit card debt after this trip. I like to learn all my lessons the hard way.

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