Saturday, June 29, 2013

Damn The Man

Last night I went to see World War Z. It was a reasonably entertaining movie, but it didn't really hit the mark for me as a great zombie film. It was a little too Hollywood-Brad Pitt's hair was perfect to the very end. But whatever, if you want to go see it, go see it. Just make sure you read the book too, ok?
What I really wanted to talk about is a Coca-Cola commercial that played before the movie started. Now, I'm not really one to get upset and worked up over big corporations and things like that. I understand that they're pretty evil. But I don't entertain any illusions that I'm above enjoying the things they produce. This particular commercial was just so offensive that I had to say something about it.
The ad tries to sell the viewer on the idea of government surveillance. It says something like yes, cameras do catch lots of terrible things, but they also cature a lot of beautiful moments. Then there's a montage of clips of cute things happening-people returning stolen purses, couples kissing etc.
I was really disturbed by the premise of this commercial. I hope that we are all intelligent enough to see how fucked up it is. I am not trying to start a debate about government surveillance. I'm not really educated enough on that subject to take a stand. But I know for dang sure that I don't want my personal moments recorded and then sold back to me by one of the world's largest corporations in a sappy commercial. Yeah, I'm sure surveillance cameras do record plenty of lovely human interactions-but people should be able to have those in private.  There's a very obvious 1984 reference here. I love technology and I think we are living in a very exciting time. But we gotta be smart. I know it's just a commercial and it's not something to get too upset about. Except it kind of is. I don't think we should be quiet or let things like that just slide past us. Because that's how THEY win.
Rant over.

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