Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today was a very girly day. I traveled to a nearby city to get my hair done, catch up with a girlfriend and do a bit of shopping for my upcoming vacation. I meant to come home and write about my salon experience. My sister manages the place where I have been getting my hair done recently. I wanted to follow her around a bit and ask her about working in the beauty industry. But she was in meetings while I was there, so I didn't get the chance. She also forgot to bring me the Diet Coke she promised me, which was much more troubling than not being able to write about working with hair.  Other than the lack of aspartame, I did have a great experience there as I always do, and I will one day write a proper entry about her workplace.
This is Taryn! She did my hair reaaaaal nice today.
After leaving the salon I met up with a very good friend of mine, B. We're the kind of friends who don't see each other that often, but every time we do we have the most intense conversations about life. B is one of the most beautiful girls I know. She also has a degree in Women's Studies and is just an amazing human being all around. I've been really gushy about my friends lately but seriously. Is there anything better in life than great friends who you can really dig into the deep stuff with? I mean, there's some really good mascaras out there. But true friends are just invaluable and I am endlessly thankful for mine.
B and I both work in the Service Industry. We both like it, though I think I might like it a bit more than she does. Our talks often turn to the superficial aspect of our jobs, and then in turn the superficiality of our lives in general-and how, as (we think) intelligent women, we have some inner conflict about that. I've touched on this before, and it won't be the last time I bring it up. I really like all things beauty related. I love makeup. I have 4 kinds of conditioner in my shower right now. It takes me at least an hour to do my nails because I want them to be perfect. But these things alone do not fufill me. There have been times when I felt utterly defeated by the beauty myth. I have felt like I might as well give in and focus all my energy on looking good, because that's all that people really care about anyway. Then I think about the women that I really look up to. And of course, there are beautiful women amoung them. But what I really admire in other women is their achievements, not their looks. I admire strong, educated(formally or not), accomplished women. And I hope to always keep that in mind when I start to feel bummed about our world being superficial. Looking good is nice for sure. But it's not everything, and it's not the most important thing. B and I talked about being angry at the world for putting unrealistic expectations on us to be beautiful. We also talked about using that anger towards doing good in the world. And I didn't come away feeling angry-I felt ok. Because I think we're smart girls, and we'll figure it out.
And because our conversation got so deep, I didn't feel too bad when we left the restaurant we ate lunch at and went immediately to Mac, where I spent almost $60 on lip products. Because I understand that lipstick isn't essential to my personal fufillment. So it's totally fine.
Up the Amp & Saint Germain, Magenta Lip Liner not pictured

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