Friday, May 24, 2013

She's baaaaack

Just a quick entry here to show you another magazine I love. Bust is a quasi-feminist publication that I've been reading since my early 20's(not so long ago). I say 'quasi-feminist' because its not as in your face with it's ideology as some other mags like Bitch(actual name of a magazine found in stores). But it has great content. Lots of interviews with successful women in the public eye-actors, musicians, activists, artists-real women who are strong and beautiful and generally amazing. Past cover girls have included Kathy Griffin, Beth Ditto, Amy Poehler and more babes of the like. There's also lots of DIY stuff, cool articles about women's history and a whole section of book, movie and album reviews. I would probably say that Bust is my favourite girly magazine to read. I don't buy it every month, but I'm always happy with it when I do.

I was very excited when I saw this month's issue on the news stand. As you can see, Courtney Love is the cover girl. Now I don't know if I'm exactly a fan of Ms. Love, but I can say that I'm always fascincated by her. I just think about what it would be like to have been her when Kurt(who people worship) died-and now, when people truly hate her. What it would be like to have to deal with your own grief along with the grieving of so many other people on such a public scale. I feel like that would fuck anyone up. Or maybe she would have been just as fucked up anyway. Either way, I find her pretty captivating. And though obviously photoshopped, she's looking pretty good in this cover shot, so that's nice too. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say for herself.

Also, RuPaul, Margaret Cho and Gloria Steinem all featured in this issue? I'm so in.

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