Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Favourite YouTubers

I think I've mentioned once or twice that I am addicted to watching Youtube. And I mean, My name is Ruth, and I am a YouTube-aholic. It has pretty much completely replaced television for me. So I thought it would be fun to do a little write up of who I watch on a regular basis, and what I like about them. I pretty much watch all beauty related channels. But most of the "beauty gurus" end up doing videos about topics other than makeup and beauty. It starts to kind of feel like hanging out with a girlfriend. But I have friends in real life too. I swear.

Here's my top 5 Favourite YouTube Channels, not in order. I put their actual names in brackets beside their channel name, so there's no confusion.

1. Leighannsays(Leighann)
 Ok, I know I literally just said that these aren't in order, but this girl is definitely my favourite on YouTube. She just straight up seems like someone you would want to hang out with. Of all the people I watch she is the most relatable. Some of the girls on YouTube seem to have endless funds to buy every bit of high-end makeup on the market. But Leighann uses a lot of drugstore products and I notice her re-using the same products in different videos. She's very pretty but comes across as super sweet with a bit of cute nerdiness to her. Total girl crush here.

2. Grav3yardgirl(Bunny)
The reason Bunny is next on my list is because she and Leighann are from the same place, and they occasionally do videos together which is pretty darn cute. Bunny is like the Lady Gaga of YouTube. She is always talking about thinking positive and loving yourself and being kind to other people. I would say her audience definitely skews a bit on the young side, but I think everyone can use a little positivity regardless of their age. Her personal style is absolutely to die for, and she does a pretty wide variety of videos(not just makeup related).

3. Sprinkle of Glitter(Louise)
I don't know, maybe I lied, Lousie might be my favourite YouTuber. I just recently discovered her, and she rules. She also does a lot of different types of videos. She seems like a really...real person. That was eloquent of me eh? But she talks about all kinds of life issues. And she's funny. When I watched her video about her worst dates ever I just about died of laughter. Or at least I actually laughed out loud, which is maybe not a near death experience, but it doesn't happen often watching a YouTube Beauty Guru. Lousie is also British, so I just believe everything she says because her accent makes her sound smart.

4. Jaclyn Hill(uhhh, Jaclyn)
 If you're looking for a straight-up make up guru, this is your girl. She's an actual makeup artist(unlike many of the girls I watch) who worked for Mac. Her tutorials are the best. Watching her has actually changed the way I apply makeup, and I feel like I'm much better at it now. She's pretty off the wall, but she definitely knows what she's talking about. Check her out if you're looking for real makeup application advice.

5. Eleventh Gorgeous(Tracy and Steph)
These two are sisters, and they have a huge following. To be honest, when I first watched them I thought they were a little too bubbly for me. And they definitely are pretty perky. But what's awesome about them is that they talk about mostly drugstore products. I love shopping at Sephora, but I think it's unrealistic for most people to buy all high end makeup. This channel is the place to go if you want to find out what's the best in affordable makeup. And I'm probably just jealous of their perkiness because my soul is a kind of black.

I could easily have made a list of 10 or more channels I watch on a regular basis, but I don't know if I'm ready to reveal the depths of my addiction to the internet. So I'll leave it at these five for now. And that's all for tonight. I've got some videos to watch.

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