Friday, May 17, 2013

Magazine Addict

For years I have been a huge magazine lover. There were times when I would buy 4-5 magazines a week. This was partly because I used to read while doing cardio(bad habit). But also I just love buying magazines. I realize for the most part you can find all the content you would find in a magazine online. But there's just something about having it all wrapped up in a neat glossy package that I can't resist.
These days I usually buy about 1 or 2 mags a week. I try not to buy any just because I feel like I need to buy something(which is an ongoing struggle for me, and not just with reading material). Where I used to buy just any mag I hadn't read yet, I now stick to a few that I love and buy every month, plus a few that seem especially interesting to me or that I haven't seen before.
The only two that I am pretty religious about picking up are Oxygen-a fitness magazine I've probably mentioned before-and Juxtapoz which is a street art mag. A couple others I've been liking lately are Lou Lou(Canadian fashion mag) and Vogue(no explanation needed).
I want to mention that I absolutely detest Cosmopolitan. I think it's misogynistic garbage that needs to go away. Trust me ladies, gently biting the tip of your boyfriend's penis is not one of the 50 ways to give the best oral sex of his life.
This month I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Juxtapoz. I saw on Instagram that this month's issue is a visual history of the Beastie Boys and a tribute to MCA. When Adam Yauch died last year it was the first time I'd ever cried over a celebrity death. To have my favorite magazine do a tribute to someone I greatly admire is very exciting for me. Rolling Stone did a great tribute article on Yauch following his death. I am looking forward to reading more celebration of his contributions to the world.

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