Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Garden with Mallorie

One thing I think I've learned in life is that you can't do everything. I've dabbled in many hobbies-painting, playing instruments, making zines, etc. But at some point you kind of have to make some decisions and cut things out to make time for the few things that you really love doing. The problem for me is that I am honestly interested in everything. Just because I don't have time to do everything, doesn't mean I don't want to learn a little bit about as many things as possible. That's why I think it's great that I have an amazing array of friends who do many different and wonderful things with their spare time. If I decided I want to learn a bit about beekeeping, knitting, fixing bikes, taking care of lizards, refinishing old furniture-I could really go on here-I've got friends for that. I know a guy. This afternoon I wanted to learn about gardening, so I turned to someone very near and dear to me; my close friend and colleague, Mallorie.
This is Mallorie.
Some of Mal's potted plants
As you can see very clearly in the above photo, Mal is real salt of the Earth kind of lady, and a much better person than I. She does things like pick my Starbuck's cup out of the trash can and put it in the recycling when she thinks I'm not watching(I see you, Mallorie). And she's always telling me about her rooftop garden-and the way she talks about it I know that she loves it like I love cultivating my makeup collection and going to the gym. I felt that I was much overdue for a visit to my friend's personal sanctuary.
Now, I am not a garden kind of gal. Mal actually gave me a Bonsai tree for Christmas, which I loved-and killed almost immediately. And I think I may have zoned out a bit when she was talking about.....soil, or something. But that's mostly because I'm severely over-caffeinated and can't pay attention to anything for more than three minutes. Despite this I really did appreciate the quiet beauty of the plants sprawled over the balconies of Mallorie's eclectic all-female house. And it's pretty inspiring to hear someone talk about something they love, and show you what they've done with their own hands. I felt very proud of my friend, and I'm glad I finally went to see her garden. Or gardens, plural? I don't know, her plants.

What is this? A little greenhouse?
I meant to give Mallorie a little interview and get some back story to how she came to love gardening and maybe a detailed explanation of the plants she's currently growing. But we're good friends, and we're girls. So we pretty much just talked about boys and lounged in the sun. The only note I have in my phone says "Organic tea farm in Australia." So I guess I'm a pretty bad interviewer. But I did pick up that Mallorie grows mostly vegetables, rather than flowers, so that's really cool. And she did do some work at a tea farm in Australia. You'll just have to ask her if you want more details about that.
Overall this was the nicest afternoon I've had a while. I was certainly not inspired to grow my own garden. But it's really motivating in general to see someone taking the time to do what they love. I can tell that Mallorie has put a lot of work into really learning the right way to do things. I get the feeling that she  started with just a few plants and a little knowlege, and things "grew" from there. It's quite the little metaphor for getting started doing anything in life isn't it? But that's starting to sound like something  on a cheesy wall plaque from a mall gift shop, gross.
I'm glad that I spent quality time learning more about someone else's hobby. Sometimes I get bummed because I feel like I'm not good at enough things, and sometimes I feel like I don't have any skills at all. So it's nice to bask in the glow of someone else's creative achievements.
Thanks for the lovely afternoon Mallorie, I'm really sorry about the Bonsai tree.
Mal let me hold a plant, and it didn't die upon contact.

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