Sunday, May 19, 2013

Current Colour Obsession

I am the type of lady who likes to be cloaked in all black all the time. I find it very difficult to break into the colour wheel. It's not that I don't like colour, it's just that I'm not very fashionable and black is easy for me to work with.
This season though, there's a range of bright pink, purple and orange colours popping up everywhere that I am absolutely in love with. I'm not great at describing colour. I would say these shades fall somewhere between neon and pastel-neither of which I find appealing. But somehow the in-between is irresistible to me. I just realized that the combination of these hues reminds me of rainbow sherbet-perfect for summer.
I have been cautiously proceeding with working these colours into my life. I've found some really pretty pieces of makeup in this beautiful pinky lilac shade. Pictured below are L'Oreal Nail Color in Shade 380 Butterfly Kisses, Maybelline Color Whisper in Shade 90 Oh La Lilac, and Maybelline Blush Limited Edition in Shade 205 Wild Blossom. I'm wearing the polish and lip colour right now-and even though I'm also sporting a black shirt with the Grim Reaper on it, I really feel these pops of lilac give me (the illusion of) a sunny disposition. Baby steps. I also photographed them on a peachy orange tank in the same sort if shade, so you get a better idea of what the hell I'm talking about. Muah, summer!


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    1. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I'm new to this and you've kind of just made my day :)

  2. These look amazing !!
    How much did the lipstick and the blush cost? :) xx

    Christina xx

    1. Thanks for reading Christina! The lip colour and blush were $9.99 each, Canadian.